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Previous Testimonials


New to town?

I had a great experience with John. As a newcomer to Oregon and to Bend, I didn't realize how challenging the real estate market was here. John was able to find some great properties to look at. He made me aware of the environment I was in, he was able to guide me through the process quickly and in the end, we found a great property that made sense. I'd highly recommend him.

-Eric Jordan

Went the extra mile to deliver... or rather 520 miles.

I interviewed about 5 agents before deciding on John, most agents did not have a plan and more or less was saying to leave it up to them, several wanted to actually try to make a deal for a very low amount right off the bat. I ignored them, I hired John. He really hung in there when things were getting difficult, and always gave us good advice as to what to do.  John will listen to what you need, he will not give up and really knows the area. He was willing to help us out as we were in California and could not do a lot of things. John was willing to help out with all of the little things you can't do when you are selling from a distance

He was instrumental in setting up good contractors to help get issues resolved, and actually saved me money over my standard guys I was working with. Unfortunately he does not live in California so I can't use him on my other properties!

I can't really say anything bad, he did exactly what I needed and he hung in there when the deal got complicated, his patience really made it happen.

Thank you John

-Shawn Powell

Another Satisfied friend

I highly recommend John to anyone looking to buy or sell a house.  His professionalism, expertise, and deep understanding of how to guide the deal through made the experience smooth and easy for me.  John is attuned to meeting the needs of both the buyer and seller to ensure the deal goes smoothly and efficiently.  He provided expert guidance on all aspects of the sale from legal paperwork to strategy, to cleaning and staging.  All of his advice was spot on, created efficiencies and saved money too.  John's calm demeanor coupled with his expertise makes him well suited to expertly guiding novices and professionals alike.

-Ann Neilson


-We were hesitant because we wanted to save as much money as we could as well as make as much money as we could. We thought by selling FSBO we would be able to do that.

-We chose you as our real estate agent because you were determined, showed us a good plan, and connected with us personally.

-The process of selling our home was smooth once we had the offer in and we accepted. It's an overwhelming process but exciting at the same time because it opens up the next chapter in our lives.

-We were mostly impressed with receiving a full price offer! and it only took 3 weeks.

-You helped us understand why it was a good idea to hire a real estate agent because we were still able to walk away with the money we were expecting. And the fact our home would get a lot more publicity online, etc.... you did the work for us which relieved us from having to do it ourselves.

-Yes, I would recommend you to other people. I would say you're personable, easy to get ahold of, good communication, you listen, and you're determined.


~Toni, Kaden, & Maverick

It’s good to know your friends

My wife and I have known John for years now from playing indoor soccer and dodgeball at Cascade Indoor Sports Center where John was working and his wife Shannon works and he mentioned when we were ready to buy to remember him, so we went through a good friend and were glad we did.

You exceeded our expectations as 1st time home buyers and we will without a doubt use John again in the future to sell or buy. Being able to go through a friend in the housing market was a blessing!

Greg & Kristen Mikkelson

The house that just wouldn't sell... we sold it. 

Have already been recommending John to people. John mapped out a plan in advance of  listing property and stuck to it (very refreshing) had a photographer do a complete photo layout of property very professionally done, staged the house and had a # of open houses in general really stayed on top of our property until it was sold. I guess the best recommendation is would I use him again?  Most emphatically.   Richard and Eleanor Davis

Needed help quickly!

John Kromm started to be my real estate agent about 3 months ago.

I was in foreclosure and needed to sell my home quickly. He was very thorough and gave me many great tips. My house sold in 4 days!

Thank you John,

Gordon York